Message From: Teal Room’s First Zoom Meet: Miss Sara & Miss Jackie , for the class

Yay! Our first video chat was a success! It was so great seeing everyone and we can’t wait to see you all next week for story time! 

We want to thank everyone for participating!

~Miss Sara & Miss Jackie~

Message From: Ms Martin and Ms. McCabe , for the Giraffe class

Some of the caterpillars are now in their chrysallis/cocoon. It happened in one day! 

Message From: Zoë , for the Red class

Happy Easter Red Class!




Message From: Ava , for the Teal class

Happy Easter and Happy Passover!



Message From: Ava , for the Teal class

Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

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Message From: Jack Bernazzani , for the Dolphin class


I miss my friends, teachers and school! Big news, I turned 5 on Monday. 


Message From: Mrs. Martin and Mrs. McCabe , for the Giraffe class

Time to practice drawing your lines.  Use colored markers to make it more fun. Practice cutting after your done tracing.

Next, try tracing the letters. Trace the letters in red that are in your name. When finished cut out each letter and try matching the uppercase with the right lowercase.

Have fun

Message From: Ms. Martin and Ms MCabe , for the Giraffe class

Wacky Wednesday!!! 
Butterfly Life Cycle

At our house, we are watching caterpillars grow from tiny caterpillars to huge caterpillars. They are starting to hang at the top of their container so they are going to start building their cocoon. 

Message From: Ms Martin and Ms McCabe , for the Giraffe class

Today is Tuesday, Tuesday,Tuesday . Tuesday all day long! 

trying out videos so please bear with me if it doesn’t work out. 
Also, I didn’t do any editing and just going with it so hopefully it is good. 

have a great day! 

Message From: Mrs. Kutsko , for the Blue class

Hi Blue Class!  I hope you and your families are staying safe and well.  I was so glad when the rain stopped yesterday and the sun came out.  It was nice and warm too!  Here are some activities to do for fun  

Choose a shape and find five things in your home that are that same shape.  You could do this outside too.                                                                                                                             
Stand on one foot and count how long you can balance.                                                          
Count how many windows are in your home. Then count the doors.                                        
Go outside and look at the front of your home. Draw a picture of it. Make sure you draw all the windows and doors on the front!

Take care everyone.  We miss you all!