Message From: Mrs. Kutsko , for the Dolphin class

Hello Dolphin Friends!
I hope all of you and your families are staying safe and well. I was so happy to see the sun yesterday afternoon and the warm temperatures were so nice. I hope all of you are having a chance to get outside and enjoy the sun. Here are some activities to do for fun. 

Choose a shape and find five objects in you home that are the same shape. You could do this outside too. 
Jump in place and count how many times you can jump in a row.  
Play “The Freeze Dance” to your favorite songs.  We always enjoyed this in our classroom!
Draw a picture of your favorite dessert. Yum!

Take care everyone.  We miss you all!  




Message From: Ms Martin and Ms McCabe , for the Giraffe class

Disappearing Egg! 
Which one goes missing? 

Message From: Ms Martin and Ms McCabe , for the Giraffe class

I hope you got to play with some plastic eggs this weekend. My family and I found lots of eggs. 
These eggs are in a pattern. What comes next? 
how many eggs are there? 
what is one more? 
What is one less? 

Message From: Mrs. Martin , for the Giraffe class

Happy Easter to you all! I miss you so much!🐰🐣🥰

Message From: Martin and McXave , for the Giraffe class

There is a storm coming. Today’s weather is going to change all day long.
weather reporters-

Look out the window and report the weather to my our family.

Message From: Astrid Ungaretti , for the Green class

Hi Everyone!!

Message From: Colette Ungaretti , for the Purple class

Hi Everyone!