Message From: Martin and McXave , for the Giraffe class

There is a storm coming. Today’s weather is going to change all day long.
weather reporters-

Look out the window and report the weather to my our family.

Message From: Kate Cummins , for the Giraffe class

Kate and Bridget want to say hello to the Giraffe and Fish room and that they really miss their friends and teachers! They found some things around the house that begin with the letter “x” and wanted to share. We have been busy going on walks, making crafts, and playing outside. We sure do miss St Stephen’s! 

Message From: Mrs. Martin and Mrs. McCabe , for the Giraffe class

Giraffe Class,

We had 3 more letters to introduce
“X” “Y” and “U”
I have attached 3 work sheet for you to use. See what you can find in your house that starts with these letters!
Would love for you to share them with us.
Have Fun!

Message From: Mrs. Martin , for the Giraffe class

I miss all of you so much!


Message From: Ms.McCabe , for the Giraffe class

Trying do get you the files another way. If they don’t print out well, write up your own kid interview following the templates and the parts you like best. 

Message From: Ms. McCabe , for the Giraffe class

Working on the link/files. 
time capsule

have a great day, 

Cristina McCabe

Message From: Ms. McCabe , for the Giraffe class

Hello Everyone, 

We miss seeing your smiling faces and hearing your laughter.  I hope you are having fun with your families. 

I saw this posted and I thought it would be great for anyone to do with any of their kids. If you don’t have a printer, ask your kids the questions and write down their answers. They are living through history! Also for those history buffs they would be creating a primary source that someone might use one day to see how this time was like for different ages. So cool!!